There is an air conditioning unit in each room. If you need instructions of use call us at the Reception. Room air conditioning automatically stops when windows and door are open. Please make a fair use of the unit with respect to the environment. Our location just by the sea and the south-eastern orientation of our building, offer ideal conditions almost during all seasons.


The room is available for every customer from 14:00. Please leave your room on the day of departure until 12.00 at noon. In case you are in need of a late departure, please let us know as soon as possible. A half-day charge may be applicable. There is possibility for express check-out by filling the relevant form at the Reception desk. You will be charged on your credit card.


Breakfast is served in our garden from 8:15 to 11:30. We guarantee excellent quality and a variety of dishes. If you wish to have breakfast in your room, please contact the Reception. Also, if you need special take away packs for your breakfast, we can provide them. Early breakfast service is available. When necessary, please contact us on the night before to ensure that you will have your breakfast at the right time. Let us know of any food intolerances, allergies you may have or other special dietary requirements upon arrival.


The bus schedules to and from Achladi are on the notice board at the Reception area. Online bus schedule.


Our hotel’s Cafe Bar is located on the ground floor and we can serve you in the garden or at the beach, as well as in your room. The opening hours are 08.00 – 22.00. On your room desk you can find our printed price menu.


They are our beloved customers. From time to time we organize activities for our young friends. A baby cot for your room can be available upon request and previous reservation.


You receive your room after careful cleaning of all areas, disinfection and washing of bed linen, mattress and pillows coverings, towels and bathroom curtains. The daily cleaning service of the room is until 14.00. It includes bedding, garbage disposal, bathroom and floor cleaning. Our mattresses are certified hypoallergenic and are steam-cleaned on a regular basis. Depending on your needs, we also have a turn down cleaning service in the evening.


Our hotel has a room with all necessary facilities for disabled persons and people in wheelchairs. There are also ramps for wheelchairs access to our garden and to the beach. There is parking place available for disabled person’s vehicles within the premises of our hotel. We would also like to inform you about “syros access point” mobile app that you can use for useful accessibility information on the island of Syros.


We believe that the basic rule for the protection of the environment is the Reduce – Reuse – Recycle triptych, namely the minimization of resource use, the reuse of resources and recycle. Measures such as energy saving, good maintenance of installations, water saving practices and other actions are undertaken for environmental protection. With your help we can certainly do better.


Please contact the Reception where you will be informed of many beautiful places you can visit. We can recommend hiking trails and visits to isolated beaches. For more information about children’s and other recreational activities, please ask us at the Reception.


Please let us know about any type of allergy or health issue we should know about. Let us know of any special care or support you need and that we are able to provide. If you need a doctor, please contact the hotel’s Reception. We can also inform you about open pharmacies. Pharmacies online.


Free wireless internet is available in all public areas and rooms. If a password is requested, this is: alex-1234


Insert the key card into the slot of the card switch located on the wall when entering the room, to turn on the main power supply. When you leave the room, please take always the key card with you. Do not forget to return your card to the Reception upon your departure.


If you temporarily need a laptop, please contact the Reception. For making simple prints, faxes, scans, you will be served by an employee at the Reception.


Our hotel provides laundry and ironing services upon request at a fee. You can leave with us your dirty laundry in the morning. The next day we will deliver yourclean clothes at your room. If you need dry cleaning, clothes will be returned in 2-3 days. For washing specifics or if you need an ironing board and iron, please contact the Reception.


Appropriate measures are taken to avoid discrimination on the use of all of our hotels services to Disabled Persons, Third Age Individuals as well as to eliminateexclusion due to racial, religious or sexual orientation. Respecting our fellow human beings will make us feel even better during our holiday season.


Parking is available at an adjoining municipal parking space. There is also car access and parking in our private area for servicing disabled guests. Please lock your car and do not leave valuables in it. The hotel bears no responsibility in the event of a theft, while your vehicle is parked in the adjacent parking area. For your convenience, there is a driver service to and from the parking spot.


Pets are welcomed in our hotel. Owners must ensure that their pets do not burden the cleanliness of the premises and cause no nuisance to the rest of the visitors.


For the choice of other quality pillows, please contact the Reception.


Your incoming mail is delivered at your room. Hotel’s reception takes over mail shipping for you.


Power is 220 Volt.


The Reception of our hotel is open on a 24-hour basis.


Opening hours: 8:00 to 22:00. You can order from our café-bar menu in your room. Contact the Reception for your immediate service.


There is a safe in your room. Refer to the Reception if you find it difficult to use it. You can find instructions of use inside it. The hotel does not bear any responsibility for the loss of valuables from your room. There is also the possibility to use a central safe with limited access hours. For information, please contact the Reception.


Customer satisfaction and needs are constantly being controlled by the hotel’s management. Questionnaires are available to record the experience of your stay.


Sunbeds and umbrellas for hotel guests are free of charge.


To call a taxi for you, please contact the Reception. Taxi services: «Syros» Taxi: 22810 88222, «Hermes» Taxi: 22810 84222.


Think about how many tons of towels are washed everyday unnecessarily and how much detergent is consumed, which pollutes water and the environment in general. We let you decide on the following: -Towels on the floor of the bathroom, means “change” – Towels hanging, means they will be “reused”. Our white towels may not be used on the beach. In addition to the scheduled room cleaning, if for any reason, anytime you would like to change towels, please contact the Reception. We can also provide you with beach towels (upon request).


There is a car service to the airport, harbor or nearby hotel areas (charged service). Please contact the hotel reception.


Check with the Reception to help you carrying your luggage. Also upon changes from room to room. There is also a safe storage space for your luggage at the reception.


Please contact the Reception for rates and availability from a partner office. It is possible to pick up a vehicle from the hotel.


You can schedule a telephone alarm wake-up service by informing the Reception from the previous night.


The water supply of Syros is mainly supplied by a desalination plant. In Syros, special units have been installed from which citizens can receive drinking water. This water comes from rainwater or desalination of seawater, which after treatment becomes drinkable. Our hotel’s café-bar is supplied with drinking natural water and ice coming from the sources of mount Syringa in Syros.

Welcome present

Welcome present upon your arrival at your room.

Useful Phone Numbers

(GR international call prefix +30)

  • Police: 100 & 2281096100
  • Airport: 2281079542 & 2281079544
  • Citizen’s office in Ermoupolis: 2281361300
  • Bus station: 2281082575
  • Port Authority: 2281088888 & 2281082690
  • Syros Hospital: 166 & 22813 60500
  • Fire Department: 199 & 2281087383
  • “Syros” Taxi: 22810 88222
  • “Hermes” Taxi: 22810 84222
  • Syros animal care: 6987177808
  • Syros hikers group: 6981990399


ASSEMBLY STATION: In the event of a fire or an emergency, the concentration secure area, is set the beach in front of the hotel building.


  1. When you notice fire, immediately call the Reception.
  2. Press the emergency button.
  3. If you hear the siren, then:
    1. Proceed to the nearest staircase or emergency exit.
    2. Close the door of the room by leaving.
    3. Do not stop anywhere without a good reason.
    4. Go to the assembly point on to the beach.

If it is impossible to access the emergency exit, stay in your room, close any dangling of the door with wet towels. Open the window or go to the balcony for fresh air and ask for help. Please before you fall asleep, make sure you know the emergency exit as well as fire escape rules.

Inside the rooms it is forbidden to use open flame sources such as gas tanks, etc.

Smoking is not allowed inside the hotel.