Vari gulf and the bay of Achladi

Achladi means "pear" in greek. The beach of Achladi, in the south of the island of Syros, is located in front of the homonymous settlement, which – according to the locals – took its name from the shape that the houses have formed. Others again say that the name was established when visitors seeing its calm waters, they called out: AHh – Ladi(oil in greek)!. Achladi is located at a distance of about 8 kilometres from Ermoupolis and belongs to the community of Vari. It is a small sandy beach. Access is easy by all means since it has up to a small port where even the approach by boat becomes easy.

In Achladi, people who deal with water sports or spear and diving will be particularly satisfied.

The Chapel of st Alexander can be used for religious ceremonies.

Apart from the beautiful sandy beach within a few tens of meters in Vari, there are mini markets, tavernas, cafes and bars as well as the bus stop.