It is with great pleasure that we contribute with sponsorships to cultural and sporting events that take place in recent years on the island


Eye's Walk Syros Digital Festival

The "Eye's Walk Digital". An innovative festival that combines digital technology, video installation and performing art, the design experience with the special cultural and architectural background of a city. The "Eye's Walk Digital" draws his subjects from man and society to create a new kind of art composing all of the above. Its productions are developed in the public space with daring and with the participation of artists, visitors and the community.



Syros International Film Festival

The International Film Festival of Syros (SIFF) was founded in 2013 and showcases a wide range of film genres in traditional and remodeled areas of the island. It is conducted in the middle of the summer and is placed beyond the usual requirements and hierarchies of the film industry. SIFF incorporates events, styles and programs – experimental and narrative, contemporary and with a retro character, Greek and international, workshops and an expanded cinematic experience – in its own unique setting. The festival aims to welcome a range of cinematic experiences in this dreamy landscape and invite us to rethink "what is cinema?"

Race Syros City Trail

Race Syros Run



Race Syros Triathlon

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