Transportation on the island of Syros

Syros is accessible by ferry with numerous connections and by air through its airport connected to other airports in Greece. The basic infrastructures that serve the transport of the Island are the following:
• Syros National Airport (domestic flights are operated)
• Ermoupolis port (in the area of the port there is a marina with several mooring places for boats)
• Phoenix Marina (organized Marina with limited number of seats for boats)


Ferry connection
Syros has a port which because of its geographical position is protected by the strong winds that blow in the Cyclades. The port is located in the town of Ermoupolis. From there there are daily itineraries to the port of Piraeus, while there are ships that operate Endokykladika routes and connect Syros with all the islands of the Cyclades (even the smallest ones). Itineraries are also to the Dodecanese and to the islands of northeast Aegean.


Air connection
The national airport of Syros "Dimitrios Vikelas" was founded in 1992 and is located at a distance of about 3 kilometres from the center of Ermoupolis town. The nickname "Dimitrios Vikelas" took it in honor of the Greek poet, novelist and writer Dimitris Vikelas who was born on the island. There is a daily itinerary from "Eleftherios Venizelos" to Syros and a route from the island to Athens via Olympic Air/Aegean.



Syros Bus Station
The Ktel of Syros operated for the first time in 1946, as a club of affected motorists. The 1990 was moved to its current location, located at the new arrivals-departures pier of the ships. Over the years, it has improved the services offered to the passengers by regularly renewing the bus fleet with more modern and larger ones. At the same time increasing the frequency of the routes, it has arrived to serve the villages and beaches of the island every 30 minutes up to 24 hours service in the summer season.
Urban buses
In 2003, the urban transport in the island develops more, with the cooperation of the Ktel of Syros and the municipality of Ermoupolis and used the so called "MiniBus", which cover with their itineraries the main points of Ermoupolis giving thus a small " Breath "in the circulatory problem especially in the summer months.


Other transport

Taxis are based in Ermoupolis and operate both within the city and in all the villages of the island. There are also rental cars and mopeds, while in the last years small podilatodromoi are being created and bicycles are provided for rent.